Monday, January 16, 2012


Just a couple of things I did when I was over at Storm8 for the holiday editions of Bakery Story and Restaurant Story.  I also did one for Farm Story, but since it was me mostly adjusting and re-designing current assets, figured these two were worth the most the post.  Since these images have been out and released all month, I can post them xD
In the Bakery Story image, they adjusted my composition and added the giant gingerbread man after I left, but otherwise, I drew everything else (With the missletoe or the tiny gingerbread men, I took existing assets and adjusted their shading and shape to work when viewed large)

This one with all that ham made me SO HUNGRY!  I was glad I got to spend the holidays with my family and have some large meals :3

All vector work, of course.  I no longer work at Storm8, but I still had fun with the art I did there!