Tuesday, September 21, 2010

carousel Illumination

I figured that it may be nice to show some of the progress work on my latest illustration.
First the sketch.
Then I put down some values. The phrase was illumination showed the way, so I tried to focus heavily on the light. However, later, I found this hid the children far too much!

My colors. I had limited time, so instead of doing color studies, I did several versions of underpaintings and clicked between the layers until I found something I liked. Then I flattened the image.

I just paint right on top of the image.

Getting closer! The stripes and designs are always the last thing I add.


And now to go to the next assignment.

I need to update

Since I haven't been updating, I'm just starting here.

Anyway, sometimes I like to take a break and just aimlessly doodle things without really worrying much about anatomy or reference of any sort.

and then here's the start to a homework piece. Honestly, it's just a re-do of an older piece.

To be fair, I just drew a naked lady on the top and went from there.

That being said, have a bonus dragon for a friend and catgirl sketches for a commission